My Hippie Name? Generation Pig-headed

Anyone else out there notice that since the animal rights people started to go against branding animals, we started “branding” people? You have, of course, the standards: 3 picture identification cards required for financial transactions, Masses of different forms of social media: “choose one word that describes you” who’s on, What’s up, people check, “If […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Enough With Schroedinger’s Cat Already

It’s conference season here in Gutenberg Land. And since the U is out, but the foreign speakers, visiting scholars, and of course main plenary speakers are arriving, things are getting really hot. As in: for those who don’t know about Gutenberg U, one of the most interesting facts is the symbol of the university, the […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Welcome To The Month Of Möbius

Here in Gutenberg Land, we have now entered the phenomenon known as the month of Möbius: The time when everything that was inside suddenly turns on itself and becomes outside. Winter iceskating suddenly becomes in-line skating, racing in huge  packs of fifty or more yelling loudly as they race through the nearly dark streets. Wearing […]