And Gutenberg Lived Here: 2018: Somewhere Near Roswell

Reading my news posts this morning, it suddenly dawned on me:

In the year 2018

it will all start again.

Every candidate for public office who has made our lives miserable for the last two years,

whether they won or not,

will come back out of the woodwork

and start running for office again:

Trump, Cruz, Hillary, Sanders, Palin, Mitt Romney, Dan Quayle,

the ghost of presidents past.

Their dream team of advisors,

all the news teams in the world-

who have only two topics:

Isis and Potus.

And we sit in our offices,

don’t turn on the tv,

doctor the computer so it avoids the two topics,

board up our windows so we don’t have to see campaign signs,

don’t answer the phone except to a secret ring,

or the door

except to a secret knock….

In the year 1947….

just two years after the end of the latest of the series of nearly continous warfare in the history of the world,

a discovery was made in the middle of a US desert.

Not, as reported, a weather balloon,

the space ship,

reportedly from a planet of the star Sirius,

contained a series of small humanoid children.

The result of genetic programs with DNA from all the worlds’ citizens studied by aliens over the years.

Six of the small children,

five boys and a girl,

now long grown to full adulthood,

have been working at NASA,

and in the tourist centers of space-addicted visitors to the

extraterrestrial highway,

in consumer relations.

Studying people.


Hawaiian birth certificate in hand,

for their elections to the posts of

President, Vice President, Secretary of State,

Homeland Secretary,

Speaker of the House,

and Head of the Supreme Court….


If you are reading this

and enjoying the idea of peace and quiet for a few years,

despite violent but limited news coverage,

and the all-invasive elections,

please feel free to use this data

to start a cult.

Who knows…

maybe then we will finally be left to do something important with our time:

and, as a sideline,

to actually think,


and vote for someone.


copyright 2016


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