And Gutenberg Lived Here: Welcome To The Thorsday Conundrum


Come on in.

No, it’s not really a typo.

And yes, I really am going to write about that old chestnut Thorsday.

Named for Thor.

The hammer-wielding,

thunder and lightening throwing,

cart drawn by two goats riding,

husband of Sif and lover of a whole lot of other -hm-well, let’s just call them female beings.

And protector of health, fertility, hallowing (making things holy)

and puny little humans.

And why, you ask?

(Am I  writing this, not the protection bit)


the last thing I remember it was Saturday

and I thought I was going to get a day off, and then:

thunder, lightening, literally, and a whole lot of “It’s three AM, husband mine- Have we got another six hours of  jobs, errands, and paperwork, or can I go to bed yet?”

Which went on until….



it not being Thursday,

I was,

it being Wednesday,

at a book store, where:

I bought a British newspaper,

the Guardian, actually,

and was going to have a coffee and read it while waiting for a doctor to outprocess me, and a whole lot of others,

when I discovered the esoteric jewelry section-

complete with Thor’s hammer,

jeweled, and un-jeweled,

and in any metal you wished,

with and without runes.

And was told that:

they just couldn’t keep them in stock,

since the belief in Thor is not only on the rise here,

it is rapidly reaching endemic proportions.

?? ? ?

And since I always have said I reserve everyone’s right to their own beliefs,

I think I’ll end the discussion right there.

Except for two brief comments:

Firstly, I discovered that if you have to have something checked by spin tomography-

(I was in a major-sized car wreck, but am now fine.

It’s just a precaution of my nervous house doctor-)

the best thing you can do is mentally sing Mozart’s Laudate Dominum.

It calms the nerves and covers the noise of the train running over you.

And secondly,

for some reason the Thor thing brought back a poem  I can’t get out of my head-

maybe that was the little T-shaped thing on the x-ray.

Just joking.

Actually, I  learned it as  a child,

and, as far as I can remember,

it was in a Boys’ Life I swiped to read when my brother was at baseball practice.

Since I checked everywhere and can’t find it to give the author credit, I’m going to go ahead and share it with you anyway.

In the hope it is out of print because the copyright has run out.

Yes, that’s how many years ago it was.

So anyway,

in wake of the new rise of  interest in Thor:

The king of gods went out to ride

upon his favorite filly.

“I’m Thor,” he cried.

the horse replied

“You forgot your thaddle, thilly.”

In this thense.

uh, sense…

copyright 2016

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