The Well Of Our Being

Who on earth would set a topic like “the well of our being” for the Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium to stumble over?


Or rather,

the well of my being.

That part of me that is always setting me some kind of a task so I finally learn what I am, in the end, supposed to learn.

And this time, it is to think about the well of my being.

And all that is well with my being.

For to me,

the well of my being was given to me before birth.

It is a fund of energy, and, if you will, programming,

the genetics of who I am, the past memories of our common life as human beings,

everything that was given to each of my ancestors for survival,

and for joy,

But also a small chip of goodness given me by a good God, so that I can draw on it in times of danger,

or need,

but more importantly,

for others.

My well also contains my photo footlocker-

the mental pictures of everything good that has happened to me in my life.

I draw on it when times are hard.

And rejoice in it when times are good.

One of the jokes in our family,

usually when I am lost in thought looking at something,

is “time to add this to the photo box.”

My personal album contains mental pictures of crucial times when my prayers were answered,

but it also contains:

a picture of my parents and grandparents,

each in a particular moment of happiness.

My siblings and nephews are also there,

And my husband’s family,

And, of course, the moment I met the most important person in my life,

after God,

My husband.

Our memories of a sunset on a tropical beach,

climbing a hill on an island in the Atlantic in a monstrously cold hard rain and laughing all the way,

archeological digs and study tours we have been on,

Me watching him injured.

And climbing out of the hole again.

Me watching him lecturing. Admiringly.

He watching me conduct. Smiling.

My time with students.

And singing crazy roles like the voice of the souls of the dead in heaven

(from under an altar with my back to the public in a baroque oratorio)

These are my photos.

The well of my being.

And that which form the wellness of my being.

I hope they gave you happiness.

And I wonder what yours are like.


copyright 2015


This was a blog for the FLBC. Can’t wait to see what Ramana at Ramana’s, Pravin at Business to Buddha., Maxi of Maxi’s, and Chuck of Shackman-  have to say.


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  1. Thank you, Ramana. Of course I like your take. I find it vey interesting how hard you work researching, and definitely plan to look deeper into the book you found. The pictures are beautiful. Till next week.


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